Circles of Influence

facebookFor the past two weeks, my online group has reached out, and prayed for, twitter followers and facebook friends during our regular meeting time…inspired by our leader, Tony Steward, and this missional challenge from LifeChurch’s ChurchOnline.  We individually posted on both forums that we would pray for anyone who gave us a prayer request over the next 30 minutes. We responded to all requests by praying right then online.  We typically found that twitter followers responded to our tweets with their prayer request in a Direct Message. On facebook, we found we had more success initiating individual chats with online friends and offering prayer. From time to time we came back to our TokBox room (where our group meets) to share how things were going. We pretty much typed our fingers off lifting folks in prayer, and went closer to an hour than our intended 1/2 hour because it was so inspiring!

As much as I enjoyed, and was inspired by, this mission, it caused me to think about my circle of influence on these two sites. Please don’t get me wrong, I love praying for those who are in ministry and those who are following Christ. But wouldn’t it be powerful if I was offering prayer to an unbeliever? Or to someone wondering how people live out their love for Christ? Most people, unbelievers included, are open to being prayed for. twitter_logo_header

Church leaders, as we look to using Social Media as a means of communicating, connecting, and reaching out, lets remember to embrace (follow/friend) those who may not hold our same beliefs. Search out and accept people from all walks and beliefs. In fact, maybe it’s time to reconsider your circle of influence both on and offline.

8 thoughts on “Circles of Influence

  1. Mary Beth,

    Thank you for your thoughts on this. I have been following you and Tony with the intent to join you but have been too busy. 😦

    It is funny how Unifyer gets labeled as a closed community for churches and yet we are seeing more and more individuals inviting their neighbors and community friends into their church community so they can talk about scrap booking, little league baseball, etc… Then these “friends” are seeing and have access to all the other “church content” without ever stepping foot on the church campus. 🙂

    Anyway, just thought I would share that.

    1. Lance – we’d love to have you at unlg!

      It’s great to hear how Unifyer is opening up what’s happening in churches to those checking out the social activities. Heard some great things from Brett Aljets about using Unifyer at Whipple Creek Church.

  2. Great point MB!!! Thanks for the reminder. As a christ follower we sometimes get caught up with all the big people in ministry…but we need to be in the trenches changing lives! THANKS!!

  3. MB, great point about how, even with all this technology that gives us such incredible reach and range, we can so easily use it to face inward with our “holy huddle”. It takes as much, if not more, intentionality (is that a word?) online to really reach people with the word of God and the love of Christ.

    Anything else is simply a “Jesus Saves!” billboard on the information super highway…

    UNLG Love!

    Steven “Bubba Robbins

    1. Bubba – if intentionality isn’t a word, better call the grammar police on all of us 😉 “holy huddle” ACK!

  4. Mary Beth,

    What you said in this post is why I’m working hard to develop Twitter relationships with folks here in Valparaiso.

    It was good to meet you tonight! Thanks for making the drive!

    1. Rich – so nice to meet you too! Glad to know God is busy using you to reach people online. Funny, we are on the same page. Would love to know if you find more ways to connect with the unchurched online.
      Love your bus. card 🙂

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