Old Speaker to Fresh Night Stand


I am so happy to finally have a bed and headboard in our guest room. Of course no guest room is complete without a nightstand for a bedside lamp and to lay a cell phone/alarm clock, right? It so happens that we had this set of old Advent speakers laying around that I rescued from garbage pickup in hopes of upcycling them. So I began the simple process of taking them apart. Wow, it took more muscle power than I expected!guts

This left some rough edges on the inside so I needed to get creative. What was flexible, paintable and easy to attach to the inside curves? I found some vinyl ceiling tile trim (2 for $8) that I could bend and attach with liquid nails and some finishing nails. Since I was using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I knew it would stick to the vinyl.

The speaker had a hole in the back so for the inside, I used paintable wallpaper border on the back panel. That wouldn’t be strong enough to cover the outside though. Again, more head-scratching and wondering what to use…. I was looking for a tin square to attach but couldn’t find any sold separately. So, found this faux-tin (vinyl) ceiling sample online at Home Depot for under $5 which they shipped for free to the store. I only needed 2 squares, so I have most of the sheet left. tile

Since we don’t have a level small enough to fit inside the speaker to ensure level shelves, I used the compass app on my iPhone. Open the app, swipe left and there’s a level!


I used the same Old Ochre Annie Sloan paint that was on the headboard spindles. Scuffed up the edges a bit, then added some Annie Sloan dark wax to finish! And done! Two projects done, so maybe not a Chalk Paint newbie anymore?

IMG_2299 2


My mom passed away in July and we siblings are just now going through and choosing what we want to remember her with. I picked her sweet little lamp with roses on it. She used it all the time and had it as far back as I can remember. What a perfect complement to the nightstand.


Here’s the post where I did the headboard.

IMG_5012Not sure yet what my next project will be. Maybe the cabinet in our master bathroom. Or the old teacher’s desk in our office….
Please stop back and see what’s next!!

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