Synergy 2010 – Social Media Round Table

Social Media Round Table

Thanks to all who attended the Social Media Round Table – you were a great group with good questions. Please use the comments below if you have any questions or feedback for me from the session. Here are the notes I promised you today. I would love to hear how you are implementing these tools in your church or organization.

To see all the tweets from Synergy 2010, do a search for #Synergy2010 in twitter, or click here to see them (most recent first). I saw your tweets from our breakout, great job!

Twitter is NOT all about food. Next time I’ll eat lunch before I speak. =)

Synergy 2010 – DNA of a Dangerous Church

DNA of a Dangerous Church

  • Passionately love Jesus
  • Ruthlessly eliminate ego
  • Courageously go against the flow
  • Selflessly extend compassion
  • Unconditionally trust God

Really enjoyed Synergy today. Mike Breaux is such a real guy, down to earth. He challenged us to live courageously, not with a spirit of fear, but to create the DNA of a Dangerous Church. Below are a few other notes from his session.

When safety becomes our God we worship a risk free life
The worship of safety emasculates greatness
Fear never does anything great
200 people are going to heaven because someone took the risk to trust God and start a church
go through the open door God’s got for you
Don’t buy into the doubts, don’t let fear paralyze you.
Our problem is not weakness, it’s independence
Acknowledge our deep need for our God, the creator of the universe
Leadership – never let public opinion keep you from doing the right thing

Here are the notes from the Social Media Round Table session at Synergy 2010. They’re rough, but cover most what was said.

Velocity is over but…

Those who know me tell me I’m addicted to conferences, twitter and facebook. So in the afterglow of Velocity, I’m thinking…

what it is about conferences that I love so much?

Hearing live speakers, passionate about their topic is certainly compelling and challenging. My thinking is always stretched, even if I don’t agree 100% with a speaker. I love the opportunity to ask questions in a breakout session where the goal is practical takeaways. But I don’t think it’s just the additional insights, or the gained new perspectives that draw me to the next conference.

What really inspires me is meeting all the people doing Kingdom work! From the volunteer support staff to the potential pastor; the worship leader to the vendor; the ministry ‘nuts and bolts’ to the well-known speaker. Each and every one of these people inspire me! All have found a place, or are looking, in the collective body of Christ.

my Who’s Who list

You may, or may not, recognize the people I connected with. But to me, their friendships/connections are the breath of life at a conference and beyond. I met a few people offline for the 1st time that I already knew so well from twitter that it was like running into an old friend: Aubrey Howell, Lloyd Owens, Brett Crimmel, Michael Trent. And I met some for the first time that I hope to remain friends with online: Nicole Hawker, Jenni Catron, Tricia Crimmel, Jenny Rodder, Bobby Williams, Josh Husmann, Tony McCollum, Dave Travis, Shawn Lovejoy, David Putman, Jeff Redding, Alan Hirsch, Jody Forehand, J. Michael Smith, Mark Clement, Michael Stewart, Carlos Whittaker, Jan Paron, Jeff Kestner. There were many I had already met but I just loved seeing their faces again: Sherry Surratt, Jeff Wright, Chris Mavity, Casey Graham, Larry Osborne. If I missed anyone, please don’t tell me, it would break my heart. Seriously.

I’m super excited about being at Synergy 2010 Tuesday where I will meet more online friends and reconnect with long-time friends. If you are coming, please let me know, or find me, and say hi. I can’t imagine this ever getting old!

twitter, facebook and blogs

These are just the tools that keep us connected and allow relationships to grow between conferences. See you online!

Social Media in Ministry

I am looking forward to speaking at Synergy 2010 with ministry leaders and pastors on using Social Media in ministry. Synergy is all about connecting with others leading ministry and sharing best practices and resources. I need your feedback to create the most practical approach. Check out Synergy’s fanpage. Register today! Would love to meet you there!

  1. If you are new-ish to Social Media, I would love to hear what questions you have.
  2. If you have some experience using Social Media in ministry, would love to hear what is working for you.

Please leave comments below. It may help to know your ministry area, but it’s not required. Thanks!

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Synergy 2010

Here are my top 5 reasons for attending Synergy 2010!

  • Mike Breaux “DNA of a Dangerous Church” (’nuff said)
  • Ministry-centered round table discussions led by the best – share ideas, resources
  • Connections, connections, connections
  • Chicagoland area
  • Oh, yeah. It’s FREE!

So, what are you waiting for? Register for Synergy today!
Follow @Synergy_2010 on twitter for the latest info including the breakfast tweetup.

Make the most of this conference by joining the fan page on facebook today so we can start connecting now! Hear Tim Harlow’s (Pastor at Parkview Christian Church and conference host), vision behind Synergy on the fan page. See you there!


Tuesday, March 2
9am – 3:30pm
Lunch Provided