I’ve seen lots of family initial pieces online and was looking to add an “S” to our decor when I saw a friend selling the outdoor neon letters from her former business. She had two “S”s (is that how you spell it?), one 18″, one 24″ tall. They were 5.5″ deep and heavy. Outdoor signs usually are. I asked for the 24” to make a bold statement.


I unscrewed the orange front from the heavy steel back. Inside there were a few critters and a glass tube “S”! Surely I could paint that too. Gave it all a good wash and decided to toss the metal back. The remaining orange “S” was 1″ deep and very light. Perfect!

To fill in the screw holes, I used these paper fasteners and painted right over them. There was also a small crack in the outer curve that I covered with a piece of masking tape. Painted over that too.

I had bought some gray clay-based paint a few years ago and experimented with it on the outside. Then used Annie Sloan Old Ochre on the inside and hung up my big “S”.

It needed something but just fit the space on the wall so I couldn’t add things around it. I decided to add a Fall wreath for now. Maybe it will be a seasonal piece, or I might find a small magnolia wreath to leave year round. What do you think?


As for the glass tube “S”, I painted it black with another product I wanted to try out. I’d like to hang it in our mudroom but haven’t quite landed on where. Maybe I need another wreath to hang from this coatrack? Or make a collage on the wall?


I just love repurposing things. It’s where I feel most creative.

Dresser Reno

When these pieces became available, I loved the style for our guest bedroom which our granddaughter uses often. I chose the Paris Gray/Pure White ASCP combination because it is so fresh looking. (Also, I had leftover Paris Gray from our master bathroom re-do.) In less than a week, we had a sweet new bedroom set. I love ASCP because I could paint the white, and while it dried, paint the gray. Gave the pulls a fresh coat of white paint too. There was one broken pull to replace, so I put it on the dresser with a stand alone fancy drawer. Originally, the tall chest of drawers had 4 fancy and 2 plain drawer fronts. So I swapped out a fancy for a plain on the dresser to give it some interest.
Also let our granddaughter help paint the pulls. She loves to help!


Here are the other pieces. I forgot to get a full shot of the mirror but the bottom of it is showing in the dresser picture.



Stencil Your Shelf Paper

Stencil Your Shelf Paper! Breaking Point

Painted Vanity

I finally got around to painting our Master Bath vanity this week – thank you, Spring Break. I will post on the full makeover soon, but wanted to share this little tip on my shelf paper alternative.

We recently painted the bedroom gray and cream and I wanted to give the vanity a facelift too. Paint, new hardware. I used Annie Sloan, mixing Graphite and Paris Gray 1:1. Loved the color and wanted to wrap it up with some pretty shelf paper before replacing the cabinet contents. But sadly could not find any paper in a gray pattern. In fact, I don’t think they’ve made new shelf paper since 1970.

Stencil Your Shelf Paper! Breaking Point
So, I decided to try my hand at stenciling. Hey, if I mess up, no one really sees the inside of the cabinet but us, right? I used Paris Gray along with the new vanity color. Finished it off with two coats of lacquer to protect it from toothpaste, lotions, oil spills and water. I learned less paint on the brush makes a neater stencil.

IMG_1539What do you think? Would you try it?

Stencil Your Shelf PAper! Breaking Point

Stay tuned for the complete makeover.

Old Speaker to Fresh Night Stand


I am so happy to finally have a bed and headboard in our guest room. Of course no guest room is complete without a nightstand for a bedside lamp and to lay a cell phone/alarm clock, right? It so happens that we had this set of old Advent speakers laying around that I rescued from garbage pickup in hopes of upcycling them. So I began the simple process of taking them apart. Wow, it took more muscle power than I expected!guts

This left some rough edges on the inside so I needed to get creative. What was flexible, paintable and easy to attach to the inside curves? I found some vinyl ceiling tile trim (2 for $8) that I could bend and attach with liquid nails and some finishing nails. Since I was using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I knew it would stick to the vinyl.

The speaker had a hole in the back so for the inside, I used paintable wallpaper border on the back panel. That wouldn’t be strong enough to cover the outside though. Again, more head-scratching and wondering what to use…. I was looking for a tin square to attach but couldn’t find any sold separately. So, found this faux-tin (vinyl) ceiling sample online at Home Depot for under $5 which they shipped for free to the store. I only needed 2 squares, so I have most of the sheet left. tile

Since we don’t have a level small enough to fit inside the speaker to ensure level shelves, I used the compass app on my iPhone. Open the app, swipe left and there’s a level!


I used the same Old Ochre Annie Sloan paint that was on the headboard spindles. Scuffed up the edges a bit, then added some Annie Sloan dark wax to finish! And done! Two projects done, so maybe not a Chalk Paint newbie anymore?

IMG_2299 2


My mom passed away in July and we siblings are just now going through and choosing what we want to remember her with. I picked her sweet little lamp with roses on it. She used it all the time and had it as far back as I can remember. What a perfect complement to the nightstand.


Here’s the post where I did the headboard.

IMG_5012Not sure yet what my next project will be. Maybe the cabinet in our master bathroom. Or the old teacher’s desk in our office….
Please stop back and see what’s next!!

Chalk Paint Newbie

We have a guest room that finally has an actual queen-sized bed. The air mattress, rest its soul, never made it past six months. I wanted a headboard now, but the new ones I shopped for were blah or pricey. I happened upon a new store, Sandpaper, that sells Annie Sloan chalk paint. Loved what I saw in the store and asked lots of questions. Next thing was to find a used headboard to refinish.

Went to a few salvage spots and finally found a great piece at ReStore where money raised supports Habitat for Humanity. The $30 price tag was cut in half for a Labor Day special so I walked away with this headboard in great condition for only $15! FYI, a full-sized headboard is smaller than a queen-sized one. Bring your measuring tape to salvage markets.

headboard found at ReStore
headboard found at ReStore

I took a chalk painting workshop, and boldly left the store with cans of Coco, Old Ochre, clear wax and a new brush in hand. I made trips back for dark wax and a second brush.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paints – Coco and Old Ochre
finished headboard

That was so easy, I decided to chalk paint some old Advent speakers that I’m upcycling into night stands! And I have an old desk to transform. Stay tuned…

Christmas 2013 Decor

I want to create a Pinterest pin to include new Christmas ideas I used this year so I can remember them next year. So far the only way I can see to add multiple pictures to one pin is to grab them off a url. So…trying to do that here. If you know how to do that with multiple picture files, please let me know.

deconstructing christmas
deconstructing christmas
chandelier 2
chandelier 2
upstairs tree
silver bead and gold ribbon garlands
bannister greens
bannister greens
downstairs tree
plaid ribbon and white birch garlands
fireplace shot
copper bin of logs, greens and lights
easy centerpieces with battery light strings
wooden crate with logs, greens and lights for fireplace


He sees me. He knows me. He loves me!

IMG_4319Many times I struggle with my priorities when I wake up. I have two main desires, to spend time with God and to spend time with friends and family via facebook and twitter. Lately, God has not been my first choice. This is a heart issue that I’ve asked God to help me with.


Today I decided to take Jesus Calling and my phone (only to check the scriptures) outside to focus on God and keep my social media distractions at bay. One quick swipe of my bench and I realized the dew was too thick to sit on any furniture, so I landed on the concrete steps of our patio. And here’s what God had to say:


Let the dew of My Presence refresh your mind and heart. So many, many things vie for your attention in this complex world of instant communication. The world has changed enormously since I first gave the command to be still and know that I am God. However, this timeless truth is essential for the well-being of your soul. As dew refreshes grass and flowers during the stillness of the night, so My Presence revitalizes you as you sit quietly with Me. …

I laughed out loud and smiled with Him.

Be still, and know that I am God! Psalm 46:10