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GroupLife MidWest: The Character of Leadership with Steve Gladen

February 16, 2012


The Character of Leadership: FOUR questions everyone needs to answer to last in ministry by Steve Gladen 1. THE IDENTITY QUESTION: Who am I? Picture                         MOSES Moses knew and embraced who he was and who he was not. (Exodus 3) Moses was honest about his heritage and who God had created him to […]

Sticky Church Conference

February 11, 2009


Does it matter how many people are coming through YOUR front door if YOUR back door is wide open? There are plenty of ways to get people to come to church.  Keeping them there is another matter.  Many of our churches seem more like Teflon than Velcro.  So what will it take to make your […]

Yes, Life Change Happens Online

February 4, 2009


My online group leader, Tony Steward, posted this powerful video on his blog last night. A wonderful example of how God is using him to minister to people online.  I wanted to share it with you in the hope that we can begin to promote the viability of using technology and online community as an […]

The Reason Your Church Must Twitter – A Review

January 16, 2009


It’s not news if you know me that I’m a fan of Twitter.  In fact, I’d say Twitter was the smartest thing I did in 2008!  So, when Twitter friend Anthony Coppedge gave me the chance to review his e-Book, “The Reason Your Church Must Twitter”, I grabbed it! Let me say it here, this […]

Catalyst One Day Session 4 – Andy Stanley

November 20, 2008


Don’t Be That Couch Andy Stanley I  Whereas programming begins as an answer to a question, over time it becomes part of organizational CULTURE. A.  As culture changes, many of the questions remain the same, but the answers DON”T. B.  The tendency is to institutionalize our answers. C.  If we institutionalize an answer, the day […]

Catalyst One Day Session 3 Craig Groeschel

November 20, 2008


Great lunch with my team. Some lake effect snow – Woot! Another GREAT session with Craig… Creating Personal Momentum Craig Groeschel Gen 31:43-4 I will do TODAY what I can do, to enable me to do TOMORROW What I can’t do TODAY Begin where you can today. Break down big vision. Four Things to do […]

Catalyst One Day Session 2 – Craig Groeschel

November 20, 2008


Another great session. Love Craig’s humor and that he’s so down to earth. Session 2 Craig Groeschel Busting Barriers with Mindset Changes The longer a ministry is stalled, the longer it will take to get momentum back. 1.  Think Differently about your church CULTURE Our people won’t _______   serve, give, come to early service, worship, […]


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