I Just Took a Walk

Finally went on a prayer walk through my neighborhood. Oh, I’ve walked these blocks several times already this summer, but I drown out most everything listening to my iPod.  Today, I left the ear buds out. Instead, I tried to hear everything God had in my path. This time I really set out to pray over my neighbors.

I signed up for the Summer Initiative at Salt & Light and June’s assignment was to prayer walk your neighborhood.  More on that here. June is fading quickly. I think fear had me stalled in the idea stage. Fear that God might have a plan for me in my own neighborhood. Fear that He might ask me to do something that will make me look crazy or feel uncomfortable.  Fear that when I reach out, I might get turned down.

Turns out, the walk was pretty powerful. My heart was opened to really wanting to know who my neighbors are. What’s their story? God helped me examine myself as I walked as well, surely to humble me. Keeping in mind that I am on the same journey I hope to invite my neighbors to join. Remembering that I struggle with sin daily.

For too long I have pushed aside the command of ‘love my neighbor as myself’.

How well do you know your neighbors?

6 thoughts on “I Just Took a Walk

  1. I’ve done a lot of prayer walking in times past. It’s a powerful way to bless your neighborhood.

    How well do I know my neighbors? I know a few by name, but I don’t really know any of them that well. So, I’ve been seeking the Lord for Him to open a door so I can get to know them better.

  2. I have walked my neighborhood in the past. Then it was for exercise, since it’s a 3-mile loop. I shall have to get myself moving to do that again, with the exercise of prayer. Sad to think that a third of my neighbors are family and I don’t know their needs.
    Thank you for the nudge.

  3. Wonderful thoughts, Mary Beth. One of the questions I ponder over as I walk through our neighborhood is “who is my neighbor?”. In past generations, our very survival depended on our neighbors. Not so today.

  4. True, Steve. For the longest time I let ‘neighbor’ be an ambiguous term. But now that I’ve started to reach out to those living near me, that’s changing. And I’m also being challenged to stretch that definition to include those in the circle of influence where God has placed me. NW Indiana, my facebook page, this blog (when I’m active on it :).

    Who is your neighbor?

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