Can You See Him?

Are you inviting friends, loved ones and neighbors who don’t know Jesus to your church this Easter? The worst that can happen is they would say “no”. If that happens, may I recommend an alternative? Let them know that they can try church out online? That’s right, no Sunday dress, no hurrying out the door, just a chance to hear solid teaching, inspiring worship, and chat with others attending, in the comfort of their home. There are several church services available online and I just want to let you know about one of them. will offer Easter services at these various times. And check out the new Facebook feature that will be part of this service. Come, celebrate Him!

Revolutionary Love

 Revolutionary Love is always looking for new ways to minister online, and opens the door to us to become involved.  On February 14th, launched two weeks of Revolutionary Love!  This is an online effort encouraging us to move in love, kindness and compassion to those around us and share about it online.  It’s a chance to leverage our online tools to reach more people with the love and message of Jesus than ever before.

We believe this kind of love can literally change the world, that moving in kindness over and above the normal can be a catalyst for life change! If you want to get started be sure to Sign Up so you can stay up to date on the details of the event, and have Revolutionary Love cards sent to you. Our hope is that during this event you will move in extraordinary kindness and love at least once…

Check it out – the event has already generated several acts of kindness!  It’s not too late to sign up and get involved in Revolutionary Love. 

“The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’There is no commandment greater than these.” – Mark 12:31

Yes, Life Change Happens Online

My online group leader, Tony Steward, posted this powerful video on his blog last night. A wonderful example of how God is using him to minister to people online.  I wanted to share it with you in the hope that we can begin to promote the viability of using technology and online community as an avenue to love on people and share the Good News that has impacted our own lives.  Thanks, Tony, for your leadership in online ministry!

For those that are about Jesus, and following him, this is just an encouragement for you to move in love everywhere you can. See video here.

Internet Campus Blueprints

blueprintsHave you ever started a building project only to realize that you don’t have all the tools or equipment necessary to do the job?  The best place to begin to look for help is from someone who has already successfully built something similar.

Is your church considering launching an Internet Campus? Looking for some answers from seasoned veterans in online ministry? Then it’s critical you stop by Tony Steward’s blog for the Internet Campus “Starter Kit” today! Tony is the Online Community Pastor for  There’s a great discussion including some uber-practical questions, comments and answers to things you may be wondering about.  Also a step-by-step plan on how to get started. Join the discussion now.

Just as there are many ministry models and programmatic methods in the Church today, they way that church can be conducted online has many possibilities. That said, most people when they ask the question, “How do we start an internet campus?” are asking it from the angle of a new program (or program extension) they are considering launching. Honestly that is a great starting point, but the reality of the internet is that it is both a broadcasting channel and a gathering point. And as churches start Internet Campuses people will come for the broadcast and stay for the community. If a church just pushes their video and is never present and accessible virtually to the people who gather, they act rude and self-centered without even knowing it.