Guest Teaching For Your Church….for FREE


Summer is a time when many pastors seek out guest speakers so they can enjoy time away with their family.  Or sometimes your 4-part teaching series doesn’t quite stretch to the fall kick-off series and you have a week buffer in between. Maybe you just want to build your teaching team.

Starting today, has your solution…a free online library full of high-quality video messages from gifted Christian communicators. If you liked OnePrayer, you’ll love this!   Your church simply logs in, finds teaching that is a good fit for your church, and downloads the video. Stay updated by following on twitter.  Thanks to our friends at for making this resource available.

Check out other free resources from here.

Babel – Start a Conversation in 45 Languages!


Team Digerati at is always thinking ahead with new ideas and using new technologies, all to reach out and build the Kingdom. Their newest project,, makes online chatting with a global audience as easy as entering your name and choosing a language (45 to pick from).


This tool is priceless as online ministry continues to scramble to meet the trends of an online generation. Best of all, is available for free. Thinking of beginning an online service or ministry? Then checking out this new tool is a must!  Just go to and invite a few friends. Simple!


Inviting twitter and facebook friends is a nice built-in feature! Follow on twitter for the latest news.

Way to go Team Digerati!!

Circles of Influence

facebookFor the past two weeks, my online group has reached out, and prayed for, twitter followers and facebook friends during our regular meeting time…inspired by our leader, Tony Steward, and this missional challenge from LifeChurch’s ChurchOnline.  We individually posted on both forums that we would pray for anyone who gave us a prayer request over the next 30 minutes. We responded to all requests by praying right then online.  We typically found that twitter followers responded to our tweets with their prayer request in a Direct Message. On facebook, we found we had more success initiating individual chats with online friends and offering prayer. From time to time we came back to our TokBox room (where our group meets) to share how things were going. We pretty much typed our fingers off lifting folks in prayer, and went closer to an hour than our intended 1/2 hour because it was so inspiring!

As much as I enjoyed, and was inspired by, this mission, it caused me to think about my circle of influence on these two sites. Please don’t get me wrong, I love praying for those who are in ministry and those who are following Christ. But wouldn’t it be powerful if I was offering prayer to an unbeliever? Or to someone wondering how people live out their love for Christ? Most people, unbelievers included, are open to being prayed for. twitter_logo_header

Church leaders, as we look to using Social Media as a means of communicating, connecting, and reaching out, lets remember to embrace (follow/friend) those who may not hold our same beliefs. Search out and accept people from all walks and beliefs. In fact, maybe it’s time to reconsider your circle of influence both on and offline.

Can You See Him?

Are you inviting friends, loved ones and neighbors who don’t know Jesus to your church this Easter? The worst that can happen is they would say “no”. If that happens, may I recommend an alternative? Let them know that they can try church out online? That’s right, no Sunday dress, no hurrying out the door, just a chance to hear solid teaching, inspiring worship, and chat with others attending, in the comfort of their home. There are several church services available online and I just want to let you know about one of them. will offer Easter services at these various times. And check out the new Facebook feature that will be part of this service. Come, celebrate Him!

Social Media Workshop – Sticky Church


Here are a few notes from the Social Media workshop at the Sticky Church conference hosted by Suncrest last week. Countless media exist, and the experience of our group was varied, so we decided to focus on a few major SM ideas. Handout available here.

Why suggest the church use Social Media? It is a fact that being online has become a natural communication channel in today’s culture. Our approach is that we want to go where people are gathering, not just expecting them all to come to us.

A few ways the church can implement Social Media:

1. website

  • Podcast your sermon

2. blogging

  • Lead Pastor blogging tips from Greg Lee included: Find an Audience, a Groove, a Voice, a Conversation, a Partner

3. facebook

  • Create a church facebook page, invite attenders to join in

4. twitter

  • Microblogging tool that has grown over 1000% in the last year
  • Similar to blogging except 140 characters or less

5. tokbox

  • Especially good for online small groups – also demo’d at workshop to bring in 3 Panel members listed below.


Panel Interview – I met all 3 using Social Media

DJ Chuang (Upper Left)
Spoke on new technologies and helping church leaders become aware of them. He oversees Digital @ Leadership Network, a blog dedicated to this very topic.

Tony Steward (Lower Right)
Shared some powerful lifechange stories (from social media sources) he’s been able to hear in his role as online community pastor at

Cynthia Ware (Upper Right)
Talked to us about social media traits/values shaping ministry. A few values she discussed were – Interactivity, Decentralization and Mobility of Social Media.

Social media is not an end in itself, but a tool that can be leveraged for Kingdom advancement.

Revolutionary Love

 Revolutionary Love is always looking for new ways to minister online, and opens the door to us to become involved.  On February 14th, launched two weeks of Revolutionary Love!  This is an online effort encouraging us to move in love, kindness and compassion to those around us and share about it online.  It’s a chance to leverage our online tools to reach more people with the love and message of Jesus than ever before.

We believe this kind of love can literally change the world, that moving in kindness over and above the normal can be a catalyst for life change! If you want to get started be sure to Sign Up so you can stay up to date on the details of the event, and have Revolutionary Love cards sent to you. Our hope is that during this event you will move in extraordinary kindness and love at least once…

Check it out – the event has already generated several acts of kindness!  It’s not too late to sign up and get involved in Revolutionary Love. 

“The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’There is no commandment greater than these.” – Mark 12:31