GroupLife Midwest: Lectio Divina with Mindy Caliguire

Lectio Divina: “I read myself full [lectio], think myself clear [meditatio], pray myself hot [oratio], & let myself go [contemplatio]” ~Leonard Sweet on twitter






Mindy Caliguire started the Saturday morning session with a time of Lectio Divina. Some were familiar, and for others it was a lovely introduction to a method of reading scripture that takes a substantial block of time to allow the scripture to dwell within us.

Mindy read the familiar ‘Mary and Martha’ verses Luke 10:38-42. During the first reading, we were encouraged to pay attention to which phrase or verse stood out to us. Then we shared a time of reflective silence. The phrase that captured me that morning was, “Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

The second time she read the passage, we were to ask, “What is it in my life that needed to hear this word today? Then pause for a time of silence to dwell in that question.

The  third time Mindy read through the passage we began to share with God what we understood from the reading. Another time of silent reflection.

Silent reflection in the midst of a bustling conference is unexpected. We had time to be still and process with God among hundreds of others doing the exact same thing. Powerful!

Thanks Mindy for taking us through that exercise. I had previously heard of Lectio Divina, even read the ‘how-to’s’, but actually getting the chance to participate has inspired me to practice it more often and share it with my online group.

You can check out more on Lectio Divina in this blog post.

Next week:

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