GroupLife Midwest: Ten Essential Awarenesses… with Rick Howerton

Ten Essential Awarenesses…Small Group Leadership That Transforms with Rick Howerton





  1. All of us have fallen or will fall into every one of the life situation categories at some time in our lives.
  2. Tribal group members may have a Mark 9:24 perspective of Scripture.
    1. God is a person, not a genie in a bottle.
    2. Faith is belief + doubt and acting on the belief part, and letting God be God.
  3. Tribal group members will “investigate then embrace” the truth rather than “embrace then investigate” it.
  4. Tribal group members need to discover truth in community.
  5. Tribal group members are comfortable firmly planted in a Deuteronomy 29:29mindset.
    1. It’s ok to live in a mystery, I can’t think in the same dimension as God.
  6. Tribal CMC members today are more likely to have emotional trigger points than before.
    1. When we recognize triggers, we can lead them to healing.
  7. Most welcome dialogue but will shut their minds off if the Bible study, by design or not, becomes a monologue.
    1. If group members cant speak openly/honestly about what they think, they wont hear what you are saying.
  8. Tribal group members are hearing “voices“ that are not in the room.
  9. Tribal small-group members will not always accept that the author of the study or the lecturer on the DVD is the final authority.
    1. If they have baggage with the local church, they probably wont hear the pastor as an authority.

10. Tribal small-group members need the freedom to discuss other belief systems.

Spiritual growth begins with discomfort.

Many times Jesus left people with a ? instead of an ! Allow time for people to process what they are hearing.

When God’s opinion is hard, help them accept a hard opinion.

Give your small group members time to investigate truth, they will embrace it in God’s time.


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