GroupLife Midwest 2012

Standing in the Gap

It’s been over 2 years since the last Willow Creek GroupLife conference. Quite a blow for those who regularly attended the conference to grow and learn. Where do small group directors go to learn the latest, greatest in Group Ministry now?

Enter Parkview Christian Church and a staff who have a heart for equipping ministry leaders. Mark Howell, Community Life Pastor, hosted GroupLife Midwest 2012: Staging Ground for the Leadership Expedition on February 3-4.

High-caliber speakers included Steve Gladen, Bill Donahue, Rick Howerton, Mindy Caliguire, Garry Poole, Eddie Mosley, Casey Tygrett and Jason Anhalt. This list alone would be a draw for anyone desiring to grow to a new level of group leadership and development. But they didn’t stop there. Parkview offered the GroupLife conference for FREE! And point leaders were encouraged to bring their team of small group leaders.

A welcome blessing. Thank you Mark Howell and Parkview staff!
I will be posting my notes from GroupLife Midwest 2012 here. Stay tuned.