Sold!…on Twitter

mall-treeHad a great time Christmas shopping with my sister Sandi this week. By the end of the day, our fingers were numb from carrying plastic bags heavy with presents.  Through it all we talked, smiled and laughed.  Oh, yeah, and we ate!  I had made a list, checked it twice or more, but there was one thing I wanted to check out for me… a Mac Book Pro.  Just looking I tell myself.

So we happened upon the Mac store where the knowledgeable salesman fills me in on all things Mac Book Pro. He’s friendly and engaging and any manager would be proud to staff him.  Of course he wants to know how I will be using the computer and the webcam that I was asking about, to pick out the one that will best meet my needs. 

Me…” Well, I’d like to be able to video myself to have an online small group.  You know, like a community who studies the bible or uses group curriculum to guide a discussion. We’d meet outside group time on Facebook and Twitter.” His face contorted into an odd grimace.

Then he got personal. “I can’t see the value of Facebook and I think everyone on Twitter is a narcissist.” 

Me…”Why is that?”
Him…”Do people on Twitter actually think someone cares about every little move they make? Do they really need to document it? I only care about getting information online.”
Me….”Hmm. Think of it as a conversation. Sometimes you have information to share, and sometimes you just have fun and laugh.  If all you ever share is information, you don’t really get to know the person, and it can be pretty dull, or mechanical.”

Here’s the real kicker, he admitted he had never tried Twitter! So how can you form any opinion without even trying it? The conversation, and the sale, was over for me.twitter_logo_s

For those of you who have not tried Twitter, I just want you to know that it has been the single, most valuable, thing I’ve done this year. I’ve made key ministry connections with people across positions, across the country, and all encouraging other kingdom workers. And that’s just the beginning. You can find people who share your interests and passions, and exchange information and stories. Twitter is a safe place to be as personal as you decide to be. If you follow me, I’ll be sure to follow you.

For my twittering friends, how about sharing below why you twitter- for our friends who are thinking about it.

Written on my PC.

How Great Minds Work

About 2 months ago, my friend, Cynthia Ware (Digital Sanctuary), recommended I follow Tony Steward (Online Community Pastor at since our church was exploring the idea of an Internet Campus.  I am so happy I took that advice. Since then, I participated in LifeShare, a 7-day online challenge, and I’ve had the privilege of being in an online LifeGroup that Tony is leading over the last 6 weeks. We are the United Nerd LifeGroup. Haha. More about that in this previous post.

It’s a wonderful things to see great minds at work, so I like to pick Tony’s brain. Last night in a Facebook chat, he was bringing more vision…

11:10pmTony: so we are in the process of transitioning into a ministry model that best fits online, because of what we now realize is capable and natural.
make sense?
no, the internet has its own real estate (web addresses), leaders, politics, community etc.

11:11pmMary Beth: hmm wrapping my mind… but one internet, right

11:11pmTony: right but it is a place now
a place to gather, actually many many places to gather
and you will never reach the most people by More…

What do you think about this?

Why couldn’t I sleep last night???

There are lots of reasons I have trouble sleeping… family issues, work plans, scary movies. But last night I found a new reason to toss and turn – anticipation.  You see, last night my online group (United Nerd LifeGroup) that I have been part of for 6 weeks was issued a mighty challenge. More on that coming.

We meet every Tuesday night at 9pm CST online. We’ve worked through the idea of being unplugged, not letting our online connections take time away from our most important connection with God.  Tony Steward ( Online Community Pastor) leads the group via ustream as the rest of us participate in the chat room.

Last night we became a tribe (thanks Seth Godin) as Tony challenged us with becoming part of a kingdom-minded movement. He asked if we would consider becoming moderators of an Open Source Love Movement whose rally cry is JESUS! Let me unpack that a little. Our goal is to reach people online for lifechange. Free of denominational borders, become church without walls, or church with a capital ‘C’.  To become a movement, because a movement is not controlled. A movement has the freedom to grow exponentially, to be bigger than we can imagine, to be something that is only possible because God orchestrates it.

But how does that happen? Tony has already influenced this tribe and has offered to give us some basic training over the next six weeks to equip us to multiply the impact on our own. It boggles my mind to think how big this can become. Anticipation!

Is God calling you to become part of a movement that reaches people online?


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