GroupLife Midwest 2012 – Meet the Speakers

Picture Perfect or Real Leaders

Think those conference speakers have it all together? Lead perfect small groups?

We were introduced to the speakers on Friday night at GroupLife Midwest. Mark Howell led them through a 2 truths/1 lie icebreaker and we found out some major scoop on our speakers. But I’m not sharing them here. Next time, you need to come to the conference to get the good stuff.
Each leader shared a small group leadership tip and a personal leadership struggle. Their honesty will bring a sigh of relief if you’ve experienced the same issues.

Garry Poole

Tip: Let people make discoveries for themselves; foster ‘aha’ moments.

Struggle: Not rushing people, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide.

Rick Howerton

Tip: Every group member has something to share – don’t discount someone because of your judgment of them.

Struggle: Not making time to connect between meetings.

Eddie Mosley

Tip: 2 minutes a day and call on the way; pray for a group member 2 minutes a day, and call them on your way home to ask how they’re doing.

Struggle: Scheduling – frustration when people don’t show up.

Bill Donahue

Tip: Don’t try to control your small group; 1 Peter 4:10 – let everyone have input

Struggle: Praying for people when I want to just ‘fix’ them.

Mindy Caliguire

Tip: When God’s at the center of mutual caring in a small group, amazing things happen.

Struggle: Avoids confrontation by waiting for them to ‘discover’ truths.

Mark Howell

Tip: Embrace the chaos of people on the journey growing closer to God.

Struggle: I talk too much.

Can you identify with any of their struggles? Feeling a little better now? 

A big shout out to Bobbie Reutter, her hubby Rob, and the Suncrest Groups team who graciously gave me a ride to the event on Friday!! It was great to hang out and talk with you.

Up next… keynote speaker Steve Gladen:The Courage of Leadership


One thought on “GroupLife Midwest 2012 – Meet the Speakers

  1. Was great seeing you there MB and all the other presenters — God continues to build his community one relationship, one leader, one group at a time! Privilege to be there — Bill

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