Church Unique with Will Mancini

Jump started my Sticky Teams experience by attending Will Mancini’s pre-conference talk, “An Organic Approach to Casting Vision, Shaping Culture and Creating Movement”.

Will Mancini – Auxano

What if your next step to effectiveness is NOT the latest resource, silver-bullet program, or leadership pep rally? What if your greatest asset is imagination – fueled by faith, that translates into a stunningly unique, God-honoring vision for your ministry? You will find out as you navigate through organizational clutter and gain insights that will equip you and your team to achieve unprecedented clarity.

• How do you create missional DNA carriers?
• Prerequisites for an effective vision-casting experience
• Effective strategy development and goal setting
• Understanding your “great permission” within the “Great Commission”

My take-aways

If your vision is not stunningly unique, then you probably don’t have one.

Christ has given one vision to His church but the expression of that is unique to each church.

What would you look for to justify whether you are a visionary church?

  • Life change
  • Map
  • Cant keep up with pace of life change happening
  • Focused energy
  • Change
  • Purpose behind every ministry/activity

Vision – most overused, under practiced term in our vocabulary

Have you borrowed language from somewhere else?

Vision – compelling page dump
Unbounded creativity is NOT vision

How do we begin to redraw vision?
Need to reboot the Hard drive

Are you limiting the organic growth of your church by using someone else’s vision?

Punt the “photocopy” vision. God’s plan is so much bigger for your church

Vision Frame – tool with 5 clarity Questions

  • What are we doing? (Mission)
  • Why are we doing it? (Motives/Values)
  • How are we doing it? – (Map/Strategy) Draw picture
  • When are we successful? – (Marks/Measures) Bullet points
  • Where is God taking us? (Mountaintop + Milestones/Vision Proper)

How do you live it out?

Vision dripping is more important than vision casting.

Rethink – We’ve lost our imaginative thinking as leaders
One of top human fears – fear of thinking

Think Holes

1.  Ministry Treadmill
Not going to get us to the place of uniqueness

2. Competency trap
Gold medal of yesterday’s success becomes an iron medal around today’s success

3. Needs-based slippery slope
Needs aren’t sovereign in the universe, God is

4. Cultural whirlpool
Riding one ‘cool’ wave after the other

5. Conference maze

6. Denominational rut
One-size fits all

Why do your congregants call your church home?

Where does your congregation draw their identity with your church?

4 Sources of a Malnourished Identity

  1. Place
    There was no dedicated architecture in the greatest movement of the church (Alan Hirsch)
  2. Personality
    Most connected to your church because of a relationship with a paid staff person
    “I’m important because I have a special relationship with a paid staff member”
  3. Programs
    Affirmation of programs leads to pain when program needs to end
  4. People
    ‘comfiness’ of going to your special corner of the sanctuary.
    Community w/o cause
    Familiar face dynamic, I feel at home

Lower room – the 4 “P”s above & the people who hang out there

Upper room – have you ever invited people to the upper room?

  • Invite people to a different place to nourish their identity
  • want you to learn to cook fresh organic meals, been trafficking in frozen meals far too long.
  • A place to digest/assimilate the vision of our savior
  • Cosmic significance, local engagement

How do you invite people to the upper room?

Uncover the Genius – (ability to scrutinize the obvious)
Most artists want to find something fresh to paint
Rather find fresh meaning in something familiar

Don’t think of vision as something you don’t have yet, but uncover & developing what you already are; what already exists.

Kingdom concept

  • What can our church do better than 10,000 others?
  • What is your great permission within the great commission?
  • Think of identity, not vision
  • Think like an engineer first. Think on the code level, not user interface.

Analyze your Local predicament Utopia/New City(new Jerusalem)

  • What is your community’s unique pattern of fallenness and brokenness?
  • What are unique challenges/opportunites of where God’s placed your church?
  • We don’t want to have a better church – want to have a better community

Collective Potential

  • Your unique subset of people
  • Unrecognized capability
  • Patterns – natural background
  • 15K working inside the box for a win that happens way out there
  • Create a corporate rolodex in your church

Apostolic esprit

  • What is that subjective work of the Holy Spirit that your heart dials into?
  • Esprit –nooma of the spirit, practical atmospheric condition (holy discontent)
  • Vision has to transfer to some palpable reality
  • Most people are trained for analysis, not synthesis.

Our church exists to glorify God and make disciples by __________

What’s your church’s Signature story? Key verse?

Be okay with who God’s called you to be as a church leader.

What is the difference between mission and vision?
Mission is nothing more than a compass, a rudder on the ship.
Vision is the travel brochure. Paints the picture of what its going to look like when they get there.

You’re only 100 people away from diluting and deluding the church.

Strategy – most important piece our churches need to get right.

Litmus test – can you draw a picture of how you accomplish the mission?

Jesus said:
2 by 2
Don’t bring extra tunics
Leave as soon as you are rejected

Leaders need permission to be clear and not everyone has to like it.

Mission measure – when are we winning?
Other than attendance, buildings, cash – when are we winning?

Missional reorientation: But God’s mission has a church!

What kind of disciple is your church designed to produce?

It’ simple to make things complex, it’s complex to make things simple.





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