Crush It!

Develop Your Social Media Strategy

Looking for a quick read on how to develop a Social Media plan…then this book is for you.  Author Gary Vaynerchuk keeps it simple and focused. Vaynerchuk doesn’t waste time with facebook and twitter “how-to’s”, stating that there are too many online resources that can help do that. Rather, he lays out a step-by-step strategy for branding yourself through(mostly free!) social networking tools.

Gary’s three rules for success

  1. love your family
  2. work superhard
  3. live your passion

Lots of good information like how to build your personal brand based on your passion, how to choose a platform… The running theme seems to be authenticity. What is YOUR passion, be true to yourself. My favorite is Chapter 9: title is “The Best Marketing Strategy Ever”. The entire chapter is one word – CARE. Powerful.

You can read Crush It! in one sitting, but you’ll be referring to it over and over as you create and implement your Social Media plan.

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