Synergy 2010 – DNA of a Dangerous Church

DNA of a Dangerous Church

  • Passionately love Jesus
  • Ruthlessly eliminate ego
  • Courageously go against the flow
  • Selflessly extend compassion
  • Unconditionally trust God

Really enjoyed Synergy today. Mike Breaux is such a real guy, down to earth. He challenged us to live courageously, not with a spirit of fear, but to create the DNA of a Dangerous Church. Below are a few other notes from his session.

When safety becomes our God we worship a risk free life
The worship of safety emasculates greatness
Fear never does anything great
200 people are going to heaven because someone took the risk to trust God and start a church
go through the open door God’s got for you
Don’t buy into the doubts, don’t let fear paralyze you.
Our problem is not weakness, it’s independence
Acknowledge our deep need for our God, the creator of the universe
Leadership – never let public opinion keep you from doing the right thing

Here are the notes from the Social Media Round Table session at Synergy 2010. They’re rough, but cover most what was said.


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