Missional Velocity – Alan Hirsch

Missional Velocity

For a guy who claims to not know statistics, Alan Hirsch used both a number line and a pie chart, and lots of statistics in his session – the math major in me was cheering. But the impact was staggering. Below is just a snapshot of my in-session notes.

Cultural distance – cultural barrier to the communication of the gospel

  • language
  • world view
  • race/history

church still lives in the idea that the church is central to society, but now many subcultures exist

have to become cross cultural missionaries again

attractional church grows less effective as cultural barriers increase

extractional – attractional church in a missionary environment Enable people to reach folk where they’re at

church expects people to cross all the cultural barriers to come to church instead of going where they are.

probs of church cannot be resolved by the same kind of thinking that created the problem in the 1st place

can’t sell a Christendom approach to a non-Christendom world. Look at Europe.

America: 40% of Americans would be attracted to the contemporary model of the church.

95% of churches are trying to become what will only reach 40% of the population.

the 40% is not increasing, its decreasing

if you can’t imagine it, you can’t do it. Einstein

Going into a new people group… need to ask questions

What is church for this group? What is gospel for this group?

Don’t presume you know the answers.

Missiology produces ecclesiology.  Do mission, and church happens.

Reformational approach (Pharisee, tongue-clucking) – make them feel bad before you make them feel better.


One thought on “Missional Velocity – Alan Hirsch

  1. So many good thoughts here. Wish I had been there to see him live!

    Fave quote: 95% of churches are trying to become what will only reach 40% of the population.

    For real.

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