Social Media in Ministry

I am looking forward to speaking at Synergy 2010 with ministry leaders and pastors on using Social Media in ministry. Synergy is all about connecting with others leading ministry and sharing best practices and resources. I need your feedback to create the most practical approach. Check out Synergy’s fanpage. Register today! Would love to meet you there!

  1. If you are new-ish to Social Media, I would love to hear what questions you have.
  2. If you have some experience using Social Media in ministry, would love to hear what is working for you.

Please leave comments below. It may help to know your ministry area, but it’s not required. Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “Social Media in Ministry

  1. Our church family is diverse. Looking at the sea of faces in our congregation, I am in awe of the melting pot of humanity in its makeup. For example, our membership represents over 61 nations!

    Over the last year, I studied different forms of social media to determine which appealed to the various sectors of people within our congregation. Based on the results, I wanted to gain an understanding of how to utilize social media in ministry to reach a broad, yet diverse, audience.

    The various types of social media offer powerful tools for Kingdom building, having the potential to support multiple purposes of communication in ministry. One can use social media for evangelism, fellowship, dialogue, and more.

    When communicating, I want to be intentional to reach the intended audience. So it is with the gospel message: adapt the method used to deliver the message. One size does not fit all.

    My study is yet to be finished. I’d love to hear from others who successfully use social media to cultivate and maintain a multi-ethnic church body. Your shares will benefit me and others as we develop digital and global competencies to give new meaning to “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations…” Matthew 28:19 (KJV).

    Jan Paron,
    Assistant Pastor,
    Lighthouse Church of All Nations

    4501 West 127th Street
    Alsip, IL

  2. I would love to hear you speak on this. Would love to see more women on twitter and using social media to communicate, a la Psalm 68:11 Coming up to Seattle or Vancouver, BC any time?

    1. Hey idelette! Thanks for stopping by. No, don’t have any trips to the PNW planned any time soon. Was in ‘the couve’ last Nov visiting Brett Aljets and team at Whipple Creek Church. Do you know Jim Gray? He’s much better informed than I on all things Social Media and is in WA area. Following u on twitter. =)

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