Power of Prayer and Online Community

Dear, can you come up here?

That’s what my husband, Bill, said last year on the day after Christmas. I went upstairs to our bedroom and found him shaking and unresponsive. After screaming down to our son Zack to call 9-1-1, I did CPR (thank goodness for educational tv). Thankfully, within minutes our bedroom was packed with life-saving EMTs, leaving my sons and me watching in the hallway.

The cardiologist in the ER said something that I won’t ever forget…

He is very lucky to be alive

…lucky that we were home at the time, that EMTs had responded so quickly and that the heart attack had occurred in the back of his heart.  She couldn’t imagine how he had survived this massive heart attack.

I knew something our cardiologist didn’t, my husband was covered in prayer support! While the EMTs worked, I called some immediate family to spread the news and pray. I texted my pastor (who then was my boss and was finally out of town having some family Christmas time) and he passed the news along to staff and more prayers were on their way. And I also jumped online to update my twitter and facebook statuses, “Please pray. Hubby’s having chest pains, paramedics are here.”

Because of the situation, I didn’t see the responses to my online prayer request for several hours. But what I saw blew me away. My prayer request got an overwhelming response of prayer from friends and followers, and they shared my request with theirs friends as well. We had hundreds praying for us. My online small group was praying as well. I received many offers from online friends across the country to come and help. Wow! In my most alone hours, too exhausted to talk or receive a hug, I found comfort in online support of wonderful friends, many of whom I’ve never met. Of course, our church family jumped into action as soon as they heard. We had meals delivered, prayers, support in the waiting room through a 5-hour open heart surgery. I am still overcome when I recall the love and support we received.

Bill and I celebrated 25 years together a few days ago! I want to thank all my on and offline community of prayer support, and include you in our celebration! I know that your prayers made a difference. I am thankful for a loving God who hears us!


18 thoughts on “Power of Prayer and Online Community

  1. Though nothing can prepare us for a frightening situation like you described, thank God we have Him to turn to when it happens!! Thank you for the reminder of what is truly – “First things first!” Happy 25th – prayer for many, many more.

    1. Thanks Tom! It’s been a blessing to get to know you online. Thx for sharing the great video link! See you on twitter. =)

    1. Thank you. =) I’m glad too, Thom! Love connecting with Kingdom builders across the globe. So much untapped potential for online ministry.

  2. Congratulations on 25 years of marriage! It’s been great to chat and connect with you over the past several months! Praying God will continue to bless you with 25 more years of marriage.

    1. Jace, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you online. Hope our paths cross someday. Thanks for your prayer support!

  3. MB, what a year!

    So happy that you and Bill have celebrated 25 years together. So happy that you got this year together since it was so close to being snatched away…

    You guys have been an inspiration to me, an encouragement to find what is truly important, and incredible examples of trusting in our Lord.

    I am very honored to be counted among your friends.

    Much love from (near) the beach… 🙂

    1. Thanks Bubba! Funny, we look at this year as a gift too. Perspective is everything.

      I am glad we connected thru UNLG, and happy that we can remain in each other’s online community. Yay technology! You continue to inspire me thru your blog and tweets.

      Wishing I was near a warm beach right now. =)

      Be blessed.

  4. Just read this today. Made me tear up. We’ve never experienced this level of the power of online community but believe in it just the same. We trust there are also people on the ground who would come running too, but there’s something incredible about knowing people you’ve never met standing tall and strong with you. Late happy anniversary and glad to know he’s doing OK!

    1. Thanks Paul! I believe we’ve only just begun to understand the benefits of online community. I am a big fan of your wife thx to online community too. =)

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