Guest Teaching For Your Church….for FREE


Summer is a time when many pastors seek out guest speakers so they can enjoy time away with their family.  Or sometimes your 4-part teaching series doesn’t quite stretch to the fall kick-off series and you have a week buffer in between. Maybe you just want to build your teaching team.

Starting today, has your solution…a free online library full of high-quality video messages from gifted Christian communicators. If you liked OnePrayer, you’ll love this!   Your church simply logs in, finds teaching that is a good fit for your church, and downloads the video. Stay updated by following on twitter.  Thanks to our friends at for making this resource available.

Check out other free resources from here.


One thought on “Guest Teaching For Your Church….for FREE

  1. Hey MaryBeth – thanks so much for this review. We are so excited that has launched – and to hear the different ways people will use it!

    As your community here has any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear it!

    Tony Steward

    Online Community Pastor for

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