Weeds or Flowers


Went biking with some friends the other day and we found ourselves surrounded by a prairie filled with a variety of wildflowers, grasses, a deer and a few chipmunks. I commented the beauty of the orange and yellow flowers sprinkled throughout the tall grasses. But my friend said, well those are just weeds.

Why do we call something so beautiful a weed?

Is it only because man has judged that they are not worthy of our manicured landscaping? Or that they are less worthy than any other plant? How often are people classified as ‘weeds’…less worthy, or worse yet, even unworthy of love or compassion. Homeless, widow, handicap, poverty, addicted, race, geography, beliefs…all these, and more, are used to label and create distance between people.


God does not create ‘weeds’, just flowers.

We need to see people through the eyes of their beloved, through the eyes of our God… each person as beautiful, created in His image.


5 thoughts on “Weeds or Flowers

  1. Great post! We often do miss beauty because of prejudice (race, age, economic station, etc.)

    Conversely, we have to remember that some “weeds” are indeed attractive. Jesus spoke of weeds choking the seeds of the Gospel. Our Society has many “weeds” that are fun, attractive, and choke out the Life that Jesus brings.

    Yet, we have the same response: “Well, those are just weeds.”

    Have we become tolerant of pretty, deadly weeds?

  2. Some “bio-engineered” strains can also wipe out natural flora…

    Methinks, GOD’s Creation no matter how humanly categorized will succeed in the long run, versus man-made solutions.

    Bring on the weeds! In the hands of a creator the most beautiful arrangement can be the most vital of assortments!

    From a weed that has been plucked for His Glory 🙂

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