Exponential Conference 09 – Erwin McManus

Erwin McManus

erwin-mcmanus-91“The Art of Movements”
Exponential 2009 officially kicked of today with rousing worship and the inspiring Mosaic dancers. Throw in some witty banter and video by Eric Bramlett and the stage was set for Erwin McManus.  I am blown away how McManus can call us out one minute, and have us doubled over laughing the next.  Overall, McManus wants us to consider the spaces we inhale as we plant a church.

  • Create a space for others – a place where people different from us feel welcome

Mosaic offers a 10-minute party after services where only non-Christians are welcome.

“Atheists need community too, I can be an Atheist and belong to Mosaic? Yes!”
“Be a ‘City of Others’. Need to do this first space WELL”

McManus calls it a dream come true when he discovers the attender who invited an atheist to the service was a Scientologist.

  • Create a space in the Marketplace – where everyday life happens.

“Which space are we owning, engaging, permeating with our presence?”
“Cant say I’m a pastor, it’s like saying I’m a cannibal, wanna have lunch?”
“They just don’t know who they can trust to have a conversation with”
“The Marketplace doesn’t need a watered down gospel, they need a gospel that makes sense”

  • Create a space where you can’t go unless you’re invited – you must earn the right to be invited in.

“Jesus is looking for men women who will live their lives with intense courage and sacrifice.”
“Stop trying to be popular in the Christian world start, doing something that matters.”

That means you need to invest time and energy into relationships to earn the right to speak the truth.


8 thoughts on “Exponential Conference 09 – Erwin McManus

  1. I love hearing him speak!!! He’s always got new insight to life and ministry. This was a great way to start out the conference.

    On a side note… I look forward to connecting with you this week 🙂

  2. hi there…just wondering if you could clarify the comment:

    “Be a city of others. We need to do this first space well”

    I just wondered if the first space is the church or something like the 10-minute party?

  3. Hi Tim -great question!
    McManus was speaking on Acts 17:16-18. Paul talks about the synagogue which appeared to only be interested in creating better spaces for Christians. Suggestion was that today’s church does the same thing.

    My understanding of what McManus was saying…
    We need to purposely create that place where people feel welcome. Guessing that the 10-min party is that space initially, but b/c so many of their people start there, it translates eventually into the greater congregation. Grace can be more naturally expressed. If unbelievers feel genuinely welcome, they will be more comfortable inviting their friends.

    ”Jesus is the best in the world at creating community where you can bring your atheistic friends.” McManus

    That’s my take. 🙂

  4. Thanks. I can say from my experience at Mosaic earlier this year that this has certainly worked for them! The Mayan was probably the only “church” I’ve been to that really did feel like a community that was equally relevant to atheists and followers of Jesus. The genius of Mosaic (and Erwin) is their ability to create this environment and give ownership of it’s continued success to the people who make up the community. The level of ownership their people have is amazing!

    Thanks for clarifying!

  5. Nice to hear from someone who has been there. The ownership part is key too, thanks for bringing that into the conversation. Did you visit once, or attend for awhile?

  6. Just visited. We were considering the Protege Program as a means to gain some training before church planting. We ended up feeling lead in another direction but still wanted to see Mosaic. We went and served one Sunday at the Mayan. It was fantastic! We heard several stories about people who had moved to LA just to be a part of Mosaic’s community… not to get a job there but to serve and be a part of the community! And it was the community that set them apart. The service itself was cool and Erwin’s speaking was top shelf but it was the vibe amongst the people that was so infectious. Truly unique!

  7. Thanks Marybeth for blogging from the conference. Erwin McManus is one of my favorite confrence speakers, having convicted me into action so many times. I too am blown away how he can convict us one minute and have us laughing the next! I appreciate how you share what your learning….Suncrest is the better for it! Thanks Again!

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