What is missional?

dinnerA wonderful start to our Exponential 2009 Conference – dinner with Alan Hirsch and Ed Stetzer (he’s in the picture just behind Kevin Richardson). Great to share this with Doug Gamble, Kevin Richardson, Tim Barbee and Andy Kaser – who REALLY likes his apple cobbler.  It was also fun to meet Aaron & Tracey Monts from Community Christian Church and NewThing Network who are planting a church in San Francisco.

Special thanks to Sherry Surratt and Leadership Network who supplied my ticket to the conference!

There were plenty of laughs and wonderful dialogue on what it means to be missional.  Overall, it seems  lots of churches are throwing around descriptional tags (including missional) trying to be unique in their approach or promotion. Has the word missional lost it’s meaning?

    Here are a few nuggets from this evening for you to decide:

    1. “Get your church plant out of the safety zone where you feel comfortable” Hirsch
    2. “Ask yourself, Where does Jesus hang out? Most Christians don’t have meaningful friendships outside the church” Hirsch
    3. “Put missional (sending) and incarnational (model) together” Hirsch
    4. “Missional – root the mission of God, in God himself. God is a sender by nature, and He sends us” Stetzer
    5. Missional definition has become an ‘ecclesiological junkdrawer” Stetzer
    6. “The most underexplored resources are people themselves.” Hirsch
    7. “It’s easy to make another site, it’s hard to make another Andy Stanley. Need to reproduce good leaders” Stetzer
    8. “Put aside all the scripting you know about church, and go back to Jesus and think missionally. Learn the culture.” Hirsch
    9. “People fall in love with the model of a church before the mission” Ed Stetzer
    10. Do mission, and the church comes out of the back of it. Don’t frontload church. Alan Hirsch
    11. “Be mission-minded AND missional” Stetzer

    I am excited about tomorrow’s sessions – kicking it off with Erwin McManus! Check it out here.

    2 thoughts on “What is missional?

    1. Kevin, Andy and I are hurt that you only love Tim’s face…but we’ll get over it. 😉 I’m taking e-notes so wont have to carry them back.

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