Sticky Church

sticky09_conference07Suncrest had the pleasure of hosting the STICKY CHURCH Conference on Tuesday. It was such a blessing to host AND participate. I had the chance to meet tweets and leaders from across the country. I am such a student at heart, I always love learning from others who have experienced success. Some take-aways from this conference for me…

What’s the Big Idea?

Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor of Community Christian Church, opened the conference with an observation…

•    When more information leads to less action, that’s a big, big problem.
•    You give people one big idea, there’s a better chance that it’ll stick
•    Big idea can lead to speedy obedience
•    Church should not just be a place of information, but a place of transformation

Turning Attendees into Advocates: The Sticky Church Paradigm

Larry Osborne, Lead Pastor of North Coast Church, says, “the stickiest thing you’ve got in your church are close and tight personal relationships.”  And what really struck me was his comment,“’at least they got a good start’ was not what Jesus meant in the parable of the sower.” BAM! Has your church become more worried about who was coming in, ignoring who was already there? Larry shared the new priorities that helped turn North Coast around and the lessons he’s learned. If we can’t learn from him, we just aren’t trying.

Missed a few sessions because I had the privilege of leading a workshop on Leveraging Social Media, with Greg Lee. Will post on that soon.

The North Coast team was a blast to work with and has epic organizational capacity and coordinated efforts with our own Cindy Barker! The result was a smooth-flowing conference that impacted hundreds of church leaders with fresh ideas on how to further God’s kingdom.  Loved meeting all of the North Coast bunch and look forward to staying connected with them on Twitter.


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