Sold!… on Twitter – an update

appleIn a previous post I told how the salesperson in the Apple store shrugged off Twitter, in fact called twitterers narcissistic. Since this is the only Apple store within a reasonable driving distance, I returned there to buy my new computer last week.

I bumped into the same salesperson who said, “Hey you’re the twitter person, aren’t you? I’m on twitter now and can see the advantages of having an account.” I was tempted to ask him his twitter name to verify, but decided I didn’t care if he liked twitter after all.  Maybe he just realized it’s not a good sales move to poke holes in something you’ve never tried, especially when your customer mentions it!

Well, I have my new MacBook Pro and really like it, except I about lost my mind trying to copy and paste. ; )  Thanks to all my Mac-using friends who convinced me to change my “computer-orientation”, I now know – use two fingers on the touchpad. Still have to learn all the shortcuts. Feel free to leave me your fav ones in the comments!

Next item – convince the Apple store ‘geniuses’ to help us via web video.  They could do 1-on-1, and even classes remotely. Don’t know about you, but I’d much rather get help from home than driving there. They aren’t close enough


8 thoughts on “Sold!… on Twitter – an update

  1. ⌘+option+4 = click and drag to take a snapshot of your screen. (additional tip: hit the spacebar and you can grab a snapshot of any window on your screen).

    ⌘+option+3 = snapshot of entire screen

    ⌘+shift+n = make new folder

    ⌘+w = close window

    ⌘+q = quit program

    those are just a few of the best

  2. If Apple would take their Genius Bar online, it would rock. They could still have priority with paying customers (AppleCare) and could even open a secure socket to your Mac online with some software in the Utility folder.

    Now for some really, really useful keyboard shortcuts on the Mac:

    Function-F11 – Expose – see desktop instantly

    Function-F8 – Spaces shortcut

    Control-1 thru Control-9 keys – Instant Spaces change

    Command-I – Get Info about a file/folder

    Command-Space – Open Spotlight (search)

    Command-esc – Opens FrontRow

    Command-Shift-3 – Take a picture of the screen

    Command-Shift-4 – Take a picture of the selection

    Command-`- Cycle through windows in application or Finder (if more than one window is open)

    Function-Delete (laptops only) – Forward Delete (delete the character to the right of your cursor)

    Option-Shift-Command-Delete – Empty Trash without dialog

    Enjoy! 🙂

  3. We are such twins seperated at birth. I got a MacBook this weekend and I am having the same growing pains. I love it but WOW-very different.

    I am going to be referring to this thread often!

  4. 2 programs revolutionize my experience on a Mac.
    Everenote: major collection bucket
    Omni Focus: the ultimate project and todo program.
    both have incredible Iphone apps. and online tutorials.

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