Innovation 3 Top Take-aways


In last Tuesday’s post, I excused myself from blogging so I could worship and experience Innovation 3, and then… well, let’s just say I need some practice before I become a ‘live blogger’.  While listening to the opening speakers, I twittered great quotes right and left with every intention of composing a blog entry. Then, during our first breakout session of the conference, I received a txt from Bill, my husband, that he was immediately being readmitted to the hospital because they thought his open heart surgery incision had become infected.  Thankfully, it turned out that it was a quick procedure, and he was able to go home after 1 night back in the hospital. I was able to stay in Dallas, but was  distracted.

So now, I am finally looking back at the experience that was Innovation 3.  Here are my top 4 takeaways

  1. This conference was a conversation
  2. Blockbuster Networking
  3. Gripping content
  4. Great speakers

As promoted, I3 was not a conference but a conversation. With so many speakers and abundant downtime between sessions, if you didn’t connect, you have no one to blame but yourself. And wisdom was poured out into many!

We decided to do i3 for multiple reasons but we felt it was time to call together the tribe again and show how it has grown and changed. We wanted to mix it up, put some new faces in front of people, distribute some ideas and innovations we have been working on in the past 5 years.

We wanted to platform some of the varieties of leaders we have the privilege of knowing and learning from over those years. We wanted this one to focus on practitioners doing interesting ministry.

We think we succeeded in hitting those goals.

But we don’t really do conferences.

Leadership Network is more about helping people implement innovative ideas into practical, on-the-ground strategies for churches. We have been working quietly in our “Leadership Communities” programs for the last 6 years on those.   Dave Travis, Managing Director, Leadership Network

Here’s the plan behind Innovation 3

Ahead of January 26th, I saw I3 updates via Twitter, facebook and blog posts, and invitations to ‘tweet-ups’ popped up a month out. I had the opportunity to attend three tweet-up meals and can say this made I3 unique. Fellow ‘tweets’ were fast friends when we met in real life. If I had to guess, I’d say there were literally hundreds of us who had connected first online. I, for one, hope this becomes the rule, not the exception. It absolutely made this whole experience so rich.

Of course we were gathered to learn from top thinkers in ministry, and they ‘brought it’. Every speaker had just enough time to share their passion, to pique our interest. During “Meet & Greet” time, we had the opportunity to connect and learn from them in greater depth.

The thing I love about Leadership Network is all the planning to make those pre-conference connections happen, and creating this new experience to equip ministry leaders.  Seems LN is always pushing the limit to help us think outside the box.  It was  great to meet so many prominent leaders…DJ Chuang, Sherry Surratt, Cynthia Ware, Linda Stanley, Todd Rhoades to name a few…sorry, there are just too many to list!


2 thoughts on “Innovation 3 Top Take-aways

  1. Great to meet you too Dawn! Looking forward to being co-bloggers @Digital! Will be looking in on Cali’s unconference via live stream hopefully! Anyone who’s read your blog knows how eloquent you are. 😉

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