New Year. New Idea!

I needed something to challenge me in my bible reading time this year.  So I decided to use’s One-Year Reading Plan to keep me on track.  But to make it more interesting, I invited my small group coaches along for the ride. Then I thought, “Hey, this would be a great way to start 2009 for all of my friends!” So I threw the challenge out to my tweets on Twitter, facebook friends, and friends who I don’t see online.

How about you, would you like to join us? Check out the One-Year Rading Plan.  It’s free and fun. You can read the daily verses, and even comment on them privately or publicly… if you want.  What a great tool! Check out YouVersion today and join us.  If you go, follow me, and I’ll be sure to return the follow. Let’s start 2009 off right together!


2 thoughts on “New Year. New Idea!

  1. Hey MB!
    I took you up on the challenge and have so enjoyed the tweets that I’m recognizing throughout the day… “Hey, I read that this morning”… it is so fun.

    What an encourager you are. Thanks for presenting the challenge.


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