Sold!…on Twitter

mall-treeHad a great time Christmas shopping with my sister Sandi this week. By the end of the day, our fingers were numb from carrying plastic bags heavy with presents.  Through it all we talked, smiled and laughed.  Oh, yeah, and we ate!  I had made a list, checked it twice or more, but there was one thing I wanted to check out for me… a Mac Book Pro.  Just looking I tell myself.

So we happened upon the Mac store where the knowledgeable salesman fills me in on all things Mac Book Pro. He’s friendly and engaging and any manager would be proud to staff him.  Of course he wants to know how I will be using the computer and the webcam that I was asking about, to pick out the one that will best meet my needs. 

Me…” Well, I’d like to be able to video myself to have an online small group.  You know, like a community who studies the bible or uses group curriculum to guide a discussion. We’d meet outside group time on Facebook and Twitter.” His face contorted into an odd grimace.

Then he got personal. “I can’t see the value of Facebook and I think everyone on Twitter is a narcissist.” 

Me…”Why is that?”
Him…”Do people on Twitter actually think someone cares about every little move they make? Do they really need to document it? I only care about getting information online.”
Me….”Hmm. Think of it as a conversation. Sometimes you have information to share, and sometimes you just have fun and laugh.  If all you ever share is information, you don’t really get to know the person, and it can be pretty dull, or mechanical.”

Here’s the real kicker, he admitted he had never tried Twitter! So how can you form any opinion without even trying it? The conversation, and the sale, was over for me.twitter_logo_s

For those of you who have not tried Twitter, I just want you to know that it has been the single, most valuable, thing I’ve done this year. I’ve made key ministry connections with people across positions, across the country, and all encouraging other kingdom workers. And that’s just the beginning. You can find people who share your interests and passions, and exchange information and stories. Twitter is a safe place to be as personal as you decide to be. If you follow me, I’ll be sure to follow you.

For my twittering friends, how about sharing below why you twitter- for our friends who are thinking about it.

Written on my PC.

8 thoughts on “Sold!…on Twitter

  1. I didn’t see the point of Twitter until I tried it. Now I love it.

    I may not post often but I love what others are saying.

    Twitter is a way of getting out of the box and learning to converse with others.

    Also, there have been several times I attended online church because someone tweeted it.

  2. I wonder how many unsolicited opinions have a narcissistic source?

    I haven’t tried twitter, but I do enjoy seeing how my friend Mary Beth becomes so passionate about how to connect with others.

    Rock on MB. God loves you and so do I.

  3. I twitter because I am….

    You aren’t kidding. You had instant friends at the Group’s conference because you had connected over twitter.

    I’m just beginning to use it but I definitely see the value in connecting with people you wouldn’t ordinarily really get to connect with, sharing prayer requests, and stay up with what people are doing. For instance, I have a friend who is a church planter in california. I love seeing what he’s up to, how things are going, etc.

  4. Tabitha & Doug – Truly haven’t met a person who didn’t like twitter after jumping in. As with anything, you have to interact to get something out of it.

    Laura – that mean’s you’d love it too. There’s no Word Twist tho. :- )

  5. That’s funny! But then, I dismissed Twitter… until I gave it a try. Now I’m hooked.

    It’s not for everybody, but so far all the naysayers are non-twitterers, as I was.

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