iDEA NATION… Sharing Innovation in Ministry

Have a passion for creating innovative strategies to minister to the lost?

 iDEANATION, built on Ning, is the creation of Josh Webb and is designed to be a space of collaboration and sharing of ministry ideas.  At iDEANATION you can share your ideas and strategies with hundreds in ministry. You can share your new or time-tested ideas, or look for a creative spark from someone else.

It’s simple.  Share with videos, photos or through your personal iDEANATION blog. With your input, iDEANATION  can be the ultimate source for inspiration and information.

There’s even a forum area where you can ask for help or encouragement with a challenge you are facing, and get feedback from someone who’s been there.

iDEANATION  is a place to network with ministry partners across the globe. Who knows, maybe your ideas will be used in another country!

The Christian community needs to help each other stay up to speed with the world. iDEANATION needs you! Check out iDEANATION here.


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