Suncrest Ladies’ Retreat

retreat-diningsize2At Catalyst One Day, Craig Groeschel outlined the need for us to create margin in our lives to have time to reflect and spend with God. Check out my post on Craig’s session here. On Saturday, I created that margin and attended a refreshing Suncrest Women’s Retreat. I am so glad I did! Don’t put this off – find a way to create margin in your calendar today.

A team of Suncrest ladies hosted a great retreat at the Cedar Lake Bible Conference. Attendance was double what organizers were expecting… yeah God!  The morning began with a delicious breakfast and great table conversation. Then, Ken and Leslie Bier led us in some awesome worship. Dang – Suncrest ladies can sing! retreatteachingsize

Guest speaker, Cheryl Kikkert, spoke about the spiritual disciplines defined by John Ortberg in, “The Life You’ve Always Wanted.” We can all be “road signs” for people who need God.  Suncrest West is just wrapping up an all-campus study on the group curriculum of the same title.

We heard from a few more ladies as they unpacked some spiritual disciplines a bit more. Organizer,Chrissy Book, and Jen Cupery shared some personal reflections on what brings them Joy. Nancy Whitcomb and Kay Trump talked about Servanthood and Secrecy – nice to see them up presenting! 

After a tasty lunch, Lynn Barbee shared her heart on prayer. Unfortunately had to forgo the prayer walk because of the cold. We made a keychain keepsake to remind us of the ACTS technique of prayer, blew bubbles, and ate chocolate and jelly beans.  Great job ladies!



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