How Great Minds Work

About 2 months ago, my friend, Cynthia Ware (Digital Sanctuary), recommended I follow Tony Steward (Online Community Pastor at since our church was exploring the idea of an Internet Campus.  I am so happy I took that advice. Since then, I participated in LifeShare, a 7-day online challenge, and I’ve had the privilege of being in an online LifeGroup that Tony is leading over the last 6 weeks. We are the United Nerd LifeGroup. Haha. More about that in this previous post.

It’s a wonderful things to see great minds at work, so I like to pick Tony’s brain. Last night in a Facebook chat, he was bringing more vision…

11:10pmTony: so we are in the process of transitioning into a ministry model that best fits online, because of what we now realize is capable and natural.
make sense?
no, the internet has its own real estate (web addresses), leaders, politics, community etc.

11:11pmMary Beth: hmm wrapping my mind… but one internet, right

11:11pmTony: right but it is a place now
a place to gather, actually many many places to gather
and you will never reach the most people by More…

What do you think about this?


One thought on “How Great Minds Work

  1. Hi Mary Beth. I’m sure you will receive lots of comments through Tony’s blog. Just wanted you to know I was here and that I’ll be following your blog. I’m also trying to wrap my brain around this whole internet church concept. I’ll try to connect with you on Twitter and Facebook too. Keep up the great work and the hard thinking!

    Mark Pierce
    Executive Pastor
    Crossroads Community Church

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