Catalyst One Day Session 2 – Craig Groeschel

Another great session. Love Craig’s humor and that he’s so down to earth.

Session 2 Craig Groeschel

Busting Barriers with Mindset Changes
The longer a ministry is stalled, the longer it will take to get momentum back.

1.  Think Differently about your church CULTURE

  • Our people won’t _______   serve, give, come to early service, worship, etc
  • We haven’t LED them to _______  Leader – you need to model generosity, evangelism, etc

2.  Think differently about PROGRAMMING
Mindset – we have to do MORE to reach MORE, tons of activity with lower spiritual results
Rate of transformed lives was decreasing in direct proportion to increasing # of activities

  • We have to do  MORE to reach more
  • We can reach more by doing LESS

3.  Think differently about the MISSION
Are you about your mission, or are you about guarding people’s feelings. Love the mission enough to make the hard people decisions. Like a cancer – remove it.

  • We can’t hurt someone’s FEELINGS … a good person in the wrong place holds back the mission
  • We can’t allow someone to hold back the  MISSION of the church

4.  Think differently about people LEAVING the church.
To gain momentum, sometimes you need to allow someone to leave.

  • We can’t let anyone LEAVE.
  • We can GROW when people leave.

5.  Think differently about LIMITATIONS. Sometimes God guides by what He withholds.

  • We CAN”T because we don’t.
  • We ? because we don’t.

Three Assignments

1.  Find someone one or two steps ahead of you and learn how they THINK. Most want to learn what they DO – not how they THINK.

2.  Identify one WRONG mindset and ask God to renew your mind with

3. Identify one PAINFUL decision you’ve been avoiding and commit to make the decision no matter what the short-term PAIN.


How to make change in the community?
Preach reward highlight. Became more kingdom-minded. Lead them to it.

How do you make change happen?
Symbolic leadership – can’t do everything, but can do a few things well.

Giving people freedom to leave?  What if people want you to leave?
Ask God, “Am I the right person to make this church go?”

What about changing the leadership culture?
Don’t give every one a voice., Maybe a staff led model. Fewer people making leadership decisions, not a big committee. Not more than 12.

Home campus was declining, what did you do?
Became more passionate – improve your heart for Jesus. Bring spiritual leadership.


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